We apply particular care to the manufacturing of our products, and more particularly their reliability, durability and efficiency.

Indeed, not only the products by Avanz comply with currently enforced European standards, but we also perform tests and checks at different production steps.

Safety of our products and durability are the key points of our selection processes, and we do our best to offer products which are easy and fast to use or install.

- Energy saving lamps, LED lamps, halogen lamps, fluorescent lamps, globe lamps, spherical lamps, flame lamps and luxury decorative lamps. Our products are of high quality which can be used for both professional and domestic purposes.

- Electric installation products: Switches and embedded switches.

- Power wires and extensions, electric cable winders for gardening and handy work, electric sheaths, fastening accessories for cables.

- Batteries, rechargeable batteries, torches, solar torches and solar power generator.


The holder is the part which is inserted into the light fitting socket and is different according to the type of light fitting used.


The choice of shape meets aesthetic criteria and depends on the application.


The type depends on the bulb technology.


The power consumption is the energy used by the bulb. It is measured in watts.


The power output of energy-saving bulbs (compact-fluorescents, eco halogens and LED) is the light equivalent in watts of an incandescent bulb. This equivalence is expressed in lumens.


Luminous flux is the total quantity of light emitted by the bulb. It is expressed in Lumens (generally used for a diffuse beam of light)

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